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Grassroot Policies

All vendors must follow the policies set by Grassroot Markets. Vendors must follow pertinent federal, state, and local laws and ordinances; and they must exhibit appropriate vendor behavior. Failure to follow rules may result in loss of the privilege to be a Grassroot Market vendor. All products sold at the market are subject to applicable local health and state/federal licensing and taxing regulations, and the burden of compliance is individually placed on each Market vendor.


Vendors selling goods/food are required to have a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. This permit can be obtained at This is how you collect, report, and pay sales tax to the state as required by law.


Discrimination in any form is prohibited. Discrimination is the treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor or against, a person based on the group, class, or category to which that person belongs, including but not limited to race, color, national origin, age, disability, economic class, sex, gender expression or sexual orientation.


Harassment based upon an individual's sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. All employees, including supervisors and other management personnel, are expected, and required to abide by this policy. No person will be adversely affected in employment with the employer as a result of bringing complaints of unlawful harassment.


Other standards and conduct: Vendors should be knowledgeable about products, how they are used, grown, or produced and be able to communicate these things clearly to the customers. Products should be displayed in a sanitary, presentable, and attractive manner. Vendors are expected to be courteous, professional, and presentable at all times. Inappropriate language or behavior, clothing, harassment, or abuse toward anyone at any market will not be tolerated and may be reason for expulsion.


Weather can be unpredictable, especially in Texas. In extreme or undesirable weather conditions, Grassroot Markets will make a determination about market continuance by 10:00 AM on the day of the market. In some circumstances, the decision may be made before this time. Grassroot Markets may change weight requirements, disallow tents/canopies, or make product restrictions based on anticipated weather/wind factors. If the weather becomes a concern during the market or market setup, determination of continuance of the market will fall to the market manager. All vendors are expected to comply. Refunds will not be given, but vendors will receive credit for future events. Vendors must make their own decisions to attend markets during less desirable weather conditions. Grassroot Markets is not responsible for damages or injuries obtained due to weather. Attendance is at the vendor’s discretion. Vendor credits may be available after further review and discussion.

  1. Vendors will always comply with Grassroot Market regulations and rules. If violated in any way, vendors will find themselves in breach of contract. In this case, the vendor may be asked to vacate the premises immediately and failure to do so may result in civil and/or criminal remedies. Vendors that are asked to leave because of a dispute or breach will NOT be refunded their fees and costs. We reserve the right at anytime to cancel a vendor’s acceptance into the market if at anytime the vendor is found to have violated the market requirements and regulations.

  2. All vendors who sell goods/food that requires sales tax must have a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit and must report all income from sales.

  3. We recommend all vendors provide a business insurance policy listing Grassroot Markets and the event site as an “additional insured” for the date of the event. Vendors who choose not to provide insurance do so at their own risk and not that of Grassroot Markets, its owners/operators/employees, the property owner, the city, or any other party as agreed upon in the Indemnity Policy Agreement.

  4. All vendors must have the required permits/licensures/certifications for their product type. Grassroot Markets does not accept any responsibility for meeting these standards. Some business types do not require anything. If you need help determining if your business requires anything, please email us at

  5. Vendors must only sell products that they are approved to sell at market.

  6. All food vendors must meet all local and state guidelines and requirements for selling food. This includes meets health and sanitation standards, food handling standards, and obtaining the proper permits such as a Temporary Food Establishment Permit and/or Roadside Food Vendor/Mobile Food Unit Permit.

  7. Grassroot markets does not permit the sale of drugs/firearms at our markets. Alcohol sales are only allowed when TABC has approved and permission has been granted by the city/local government and Grassroot Markets.

  8. All vendors must arrive by 30 minutes prior to start time on the day of the event to set up (unless special circumstances are discussed and agreed upon in advance). Vendors that violate this rule will not receive a credit or refund.

  9. All vendors must be set up and ready to sell by the start of the event.

  10. All vendors are responsible for their own trash disposal. Each space must be cleaned and left in the condition it was in upon arrival. All trash will be removed at end of event and disposed of offsite. Any vendor space that is not cleaned up or that disposes of their trash on site will receive a $20 cleanup and trash disposal fee.

  11. All vendors are required to stay for the entirety of the event. This means you must arrive on time and (except for in the case of bad weather in which Grassroot Markets will indicate,) vendors are not allowed to begin to tear down until event end time unless otherwise instructed by the market director.

  12. All vendors must have a tent unless instructed not to due to inclement weather and we require 25 lb. weights on EACH tent pole to properly weigh their canopy down. We strongly prefer and recommend 30 lb. weights. Any vendor who cannot meet this requirement will be turned away on the day of the event. Weights may be available to borrow from Grassroot Markets, but there is no guarantee on availability. Vendors who are not in compliance with the policy will not receive a refund or credit.

  13. Vendors must park in designated areas to setup and prior to start of event must move their vehicle to the designated vendor parking area.

  14. Grassroot markets may close or delay the market in the event of weather/wind concerns. All vendors will be made aware as early as possible. We do not operate when there are expected wind gusts over 25 mph or if winds are expected to be more than 25 mph.

  15.  Market staff and volunteers may be available to assist Vendors throughout the market; however, Vendors must be prepared to set-up and break down their space and supplies and be able to move their own trash and manage supplies and products without assistance of the Market staff.

  16.  Vendors must be courteous and polite to the public and conduct themselves respectfully and professionally. Vendors will not use offensive language or gestures and should be dressed in appropriate clothing.

  17. Smoking is not allowed at the event or within 20 feet of the event space. This means do not smoke or vape on the premise of the market. You will be asked to stop. If a second offense occurs, you will be asked to leave the market.

  18. Music will be allowed to be played at vendor booths with prior approval. Music must be played at a low setting and to prevent noise pollution and disturbance of the market only a select number of vendors will be allowed to do so. Please inquire in advance.

  19. Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, tents, weights, and any other equipment they may need for business operation.

  20. Temperature controlled items must be prepared in a certified commercial kitchen.  Canned, preserved, and baked items must be prepared according to the Texas Cottage Industry Law and labeled according to regulatory requirements of the State of Texas.

  21. Vendors must display current Organic Certification when promoting products as organic. Claim of organic status may not be posted or used in promotion of the product, farm or ranch without proof thereof.

  22. REFUND/CREDITS: We will only issue a refund if a cancellation is requested 5 days prior to event start. We will issue a credit for a future market date for all canceled markets. Credits must be applied to a market date within 30 days from the time the credit is issued (the date can be further out than 30 days, but it must be assigned to the date within 30 days. You will be contacted individually through email about the credit. If you do not contact us within the 30 days, the credit will no longer be valid. We will not check in multiple times. It is your responsibility to use your credit. Vendors who do not give the mandatory 48-hour notice that they will not be able to attend the market will not be credited or refunded. Vendors who do not show up at the market will not be given credit. Notification must be made 48 hours before the market start time via EMAIL to If less than 48-hour notice is given or if a vendor no-show the market, credits will only be given for true medical emergencies. We have had a few vendors taking advantage of our leniency on this policy and, therefore, we are having to tighten restrictions. A true medical emergency requires a note from a PCP/doctor/medical facility. We understand there may be very specific situations that we will need to make exceptions and are prepared to do so. However, tournaments/sporting events/family gatherings are all commonly planned at least 48 hours in advance. We will also make exceptions for death in the family or funeral services; however we must be able to very this. We do not make your schedules, prepare your product, or book your markets. We will not be issuing credits for the following cancelation reasons if less than 48 hours from market start time is given: double-booking, low inventory, schedule conflicts, babysitter conflicts, etc.


1 RELEASE. Vendors and Vendor's subcontractors, for themselves, their successors and assigns hereby release and fully discharge Grassroot Markets, it's affiliates, subsidiaries, and any of its or their respective partners, directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives from any claims, causes, of actions, settlements, liabilities, demands, damages, losses and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees, court costs, or any costs resulting from any environmental response or remediation or other cleanup or disposal) of any kind, which vendor or vendor's subcontractors may have or incur for, from or relating to any accident, damage (including, without limitation, actual or direct damages, or any lost profits, special, indirect or consequential damages of any kind), or injury (including, without limitation, personal injury, bodily injury, sickness or death) to any person or property (real, personal or mixed) of vendor or vendor's subcontractor sustained or incurred in connection with vendor's or any of vendor's employee's, agent's, principal's or subcontractors’ presence or actions or omissions on or of the Grassroot Markets’ Property, or otherwise relating to any services provided by vendor an any vendor's employees, agents, principal or subcontractor, regardless of whether such accident, damage or injury is caused by or attributable to ( in whole or in part) by the negligent (sole, joint, concurrent, simple or gross negligent) acts or omissions, strict liability, products liability, any responsibility of Grassroot Markets.

2 INDEMNITY. Without being limited by any insurance coverage, vendor and vendor's subcontractors hereby agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless Grassroot Markets from and against any and all claims (including without limitation, claims for personal injury, bodily injury, illness, death or property damage, whether real, personal or mixed), causes of actions, liabilities, demands, damages (including, without limitation, any actual or direct damages, or any lost profits, special, indirect or consequential damages),  settlements, penalties, fines, losses and expenses (including without limitation, attorneys' fees, court cost, or any cost resulting from any environmental response or remediation or other cleanup or disposal), actual or threatened, arising under any theory of liability (including, without limitation, common law, statutory, regulation, tort, contract, strict liability, product liability, or other) (collectively, "Losses"), incurred by, arising in favor of, or asserted or brought by Grassroot Markets, Vendor, or any agent, representative, employee or subcontractor of vendor, or any third party (including, without limitation, arising from any accident, damage or injury to any person or property (real, personal or mixed), resulting or arising from or relating to any breach of this agreement by vendor or vendor's subcontractor, or the presence of any activities (including, but not limited to, the identified activities) of vendor or vendor's subcontractors on or off the Grassroot Markets property, or any services provided by vendor or vendor's subcontractors (or any of their affiliates, subsidiaries, or any of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives), regardless of any of such losses are attributable to (in whole or in part) the actions, omissions, negligence (sole, joint, concurrent, simple or gross), strict liability, products liability, any condition or defect  or on any property, or other fault or responsibility of any member of Grassroot Markets, vendor, vendor's subcontractors or any third person or party.  

Vendor hereby agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of Grassroot Markets as such terms or conditions applies to Vendor.

Vendor acknowledges that he/she/it is an independent contractor and not an agent, representative, contractor or subcontractor of Grassroot Markets.  This Indemnity Agreement shall survive the term of the Vendor's participation in the Grassroot Markets.

By submitting an application, the Vendor agrees and is bound to the above Grassroot Markets Indemnity Agreement.

I, the undersigned (as well as any and all representatives, employees, or partners of my business), agree to abide by all regulations and rules as stated in the “Vendor Handbook” and throughout which include, but are not limited to, the Vendor Policy, Market Policy, and Indemnity Agreement. The Applicant agrees to release the City and Chamber of Commerce from all damages and claims of any kind, whether to person or to property which may arise as a result of the Applicant's use of the market area. WE DO NOT ACCEPT any responsibility for any property placed on or in its facilities or grounds. The Applicant also releases and discharges the City from any and all liability for loss, injury, or damages to persons or property that may be sustained by the use or occupancy of the facility.


Applicant Name: 


Applicant Signature: 





***By booking one of our events, you are agreeing to the aforementioned terms and agree to abide by all Grassroot Market policies, regardless of having a physically signed form on file.

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